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"The Savage Mojo team was able to represent the heart and soul of Doctors Without Borders' Vital Pact campaign in the fantastic digital artwork they created for us. The talent and vision they bring to their craft will help us engage the power of fandom to support our organization's life-saving work around the globe." –Kimberly Smith, Vital Pact Project Manager, Doctors Without Borders

"Savage Mojo were fantastic collaborators. They delivered the art assets we needed faster than we could have hoped for and well within our budget." –John Dunn, Lead Developer, Melior Via

"Working with Savage Mojo took the guesswork out of the artistic process - sourcing the talent, figuring out the rates, translating thought and need into pen and ink: they literally handled everything and made a very complex project run very smoothly. The best part is that the quality of artwork is among the best in the business and I would have no hesitations in using them again for all of our illustration and artistic needs. ~ –Alyssa Faden, Torn World

"What can I say about Savage Mojo. I was already impressed with their gorgeous presentation of Sean Fannon's Shaintar series, so for me there was no one else I wanted for my first book. I don't know if the fact that I am an artist myself made it easier or harder on them, but they did a fantastic job of incorporating my ideas into their work. The final product far exceeded my expectations. Even after the job was complete, they continued to help and guide me, answering all my questions and concerns as I went to print. Savage Mojo was the final component I needed to pull my book together and I am proud to have their stamp on my book"–Dan Smith, co-writer and artist, Battle for Oz, Pirate Press

Savage Mojo is comprised of some of the most amazing and wonderful creative talents I've ever known. With two-and-a-half decades in this industry, I think that's saying something. I've had the honor and privilege of working with them for many years, going back to the early days when many of us were part of Obsidian Studios together. The core of them were then Talisman Studios, the first official publishing home for my most important creative property, Shaintar.

They've grown and expanded considerably since then, becoming one of the creative powerhouses to watch in the next few years. Not only are they producing their own products, but their capacity for art, graphics, music, product development, and just about everything else to do with the creative business makes them a vital resource for many other companies. This includes my own publishing house, Evil Beagle Games. There should be little wonder that, when time came for me to produce and release my Shaintar line, I went straight to them for all of my needs and I've not looked back."–Sean Fannon - CEO, Evil Beagle Games

"I cannot say enough good about Savage Mojo. The quality of the artwork I received was excellent, and everything was handled in a completely professional manner. Savage Mojo is a remarkable resource that I plan to use again and again."–Timothy Brown, Soldier Spy

"Working with Savage Mojo was a great experience for me. They listened to my art direction and provided timely iterations of the highest quality. I hope to work with them again in the near future"–Gary Cox, Art Director, Petroglyph Games

"We've had great results with Savage Mojo. They are highly professional, produce great results within even tight deadlines, and are very reasonably priced"–Tom Rafalski, Partner, BlackWyrm Games

"I'm impressed by the quality and price of the artwork which Savage Mojo offers. Whether you're a veteran publisher or just getting into the business, you need to consider Savage Mojo."–Jason Walters, CEO, Hero Games