Meet Some of our Talent

Savage Mojo has a stable of more than 150 members we can call upon depending on the project style, deadline and specialities of the artists. We narrowed that down to 12 so that you could see art from more than just illustrations.

We've included samples of text written by our writers, music from composers and Layout and design samples too as some of our illustrators also have a secondary speciality such as logo design or page layout. If there is something in the work samples you like, simply contact us and we will be pleased to send you other samples from that artist to help you make your decision.
Aaron Acevedo

Aaron Acevedo Picture
Aaron Aurelio Acevedo is a full-time artist, author, and game designer living in New York. He is most widely known for his work in the Adventure Games industry. He's currently art director for both Pinnacle Entertainment Group and one of Savage Mojo's creators.

He has worked on A Song of Ice & Fire, Babylon 5, Call of Cthulhu, Deadlands, Dungeons & Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, Solomon Kane, Suzerain, Warlord, and Wheel of Time properties, among others, and produces art and design for bands, comics, dvds, films, games, and concept work.
Archive of the Paper Angel Image Autumn image Lord of Locusts Image The Skull of Tasceranarak Image
Alida Saxon

Alida Saxon Picture
Alida Saxon is a our Art Director. She is also an illustrator and colorist, experienced in media from pencil to digital painting and vector. She prides herself in being flexible, producing illustrations and color work for a diverse range of clients and subjects.

She has also produced game maps for such clients as Savage Mojo, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Catalyst Game Labs, and others. Born and raised in Canada, she currently lives in the USA, working out of her home in Western Massachusetts.
Claudine LeMayne Image Mythic Map image Lord of Mythic Image Deadlands Noir Casefiles skin Image
Carly Sorge

Carly Sorge Picture
Carly has a degree in Sequential Art from Savannah College of Art and Design. She specializes in 2D painting, illustration, concept art and comic book drawing. She now lives in Ft. Wayne with her boyfriend, a pair of birds, a bearded dragon, a crested gecko and a small jungle of plants.

She has recently completed multiple concept pieces for the following companies: Torn Armor, Chocolate Frog and Soldier-Spy .
Little Adventures Image Necroshaman Image
Elvish Nation Image Sea Dragon Attack Image
Chris Bivins

Chris Bivins Picture
Chris is a graduate from the Art Institute of Atlanta. He works full time at a casino game company named Cadillac Jack, creating graphics, concept designs and animations for slot machines.

Because he is ambitions, he also is a member of the Savage Mojo family. In that capacity, he creates illustrations for many genres, including: fantasy, surreal and children's books.
Wild Champion Image Autumn image Windwraiths Image Inferno Mage Image
Alex Cottrell

Alex Cottrell Picture
Alex Cottrell is a composer and producer who has been working to create soundtracks for award winning video games, RPGs and other audio-visual media from the age of 15. Alex has long been an avid guitar player and developed a keen interest in composition and music technology from a very early age.

Since then he has created pieces for many projects in all manner of style and scope - from ambient electronic music and epic orchestral scores, to radio jingles and jazz rock. More recently, Alex completed a Conan/LotR-esque soundtrack for Savage Mojo's Dungeonlands.

Furthermore, Alex's passion for games has sparked an academic interest in the immersive gaming experience and the impact of the game soundtrack, prompting his first ludology essay 'Digital Realities - Video Games, Immersion and Music'.

Please click on any of the four images on the right to hear a preview clip .
Knight's Tale Shuriken Streets of Stalingrad Transitions
Bien Flores

Bien Flores Picture
Bien Flores is a Filipino comic book artist. His fascination with illustrated began as a child. Whether animation, comics, books or magazines. His created his first art at 9 or ten years old, when he made a mural on his bedroom wall, using only the highest quality cheap felt tip markers.

His sister wasn't very impressed so she told their parents; but since his parents like the image, he got away with it. That was the start of his romance with drawings. His recent comics projects include are sketch cards for Cryptozoic, Contemporary pin-ups, Rittenhouse, Upperdeck and Breygent. Other projects in animation side include Curious George TV series, Curious George Monkey on the Run, Little Mermaid 3, Fox and the Hound 2. Keep your eyes open for his big break into comics!
Comic Panel 1 Image Comic Panel 2 Image Illustration Lines Sample Image Swordsman
Curt & Sarah Lyon

Curtis and Sarah Picture
Sarah Lyon grew up in a family of gamers and started playing at 10. She met Curtis in 2004 - over a game, of course - and two years later they were married. As fate would have it, Sarah ended up helping Curtis write for RPG settings and proved to be an excellent partner in this as well as marriage.

Curtis Lyon discovered roleplaying in 1977, playing and GMing in different systems and genres. After Curtis stumbled onto Savage Worlds, it quickly became their system of choice. When Sarah encouraged him to write full time, it was only natural that he write material for Savage Worlds.

Their published credits include projects for Savage Mojo, Gun Metal Games and Mystical Throne Entertainment.
Today, they continue to write for various settings, as well as serving as developers for various Suzerain realms and being executives of Three Sages Games.
Baronica text graphic Interface Zero Excerpt graphic Millenium Knights Text Sample Savage Insider Text sample
Darren Pearce

Darren Pearce Picture
Darren was immersed in fantasy and science fiction by his parents from an early age.. He has worked in the RPG Industry since 2000 and has worked for an online video game review/news website Games Xtreme since 2001. His work includes Knights of Honor, Breed and the game Savage.

Darren wrote for such products as Lone Wolf, Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space, and numerous Mongoose Publishing products. Darren has also written short stories galore and has numerous works published both in print and e-book formats, as well as a novel (in editing) and a novella (also in editing).

Darren writes regularly for The Chronicles of Wyrden webcomc with his wife Gillian (Illustrator) and has numerous other works in the pipeline for 2013.
Dragon Kings Writing Sample Image Autumn image Autumn image Autumn image
Carl Holden

Carl Holden Picture
Holden was born during the late 80's in a mining community outside of Manchester. Like all teenagers that lacked appropriate social skills and harboring a need to impress girls he started painting. Before long he'd lost his Mancunian accent, moved to Dubai and become an architect and designed a few buildings.

He wasn't that happy being an architect and after meeting some of his idols at a comic convention they asked, "Why aren't you doing this professionally?" He immediately pursued a career in illustration and hasn't looked back.

Holden now lives in Scotland with his wife and has an unhealthy obsession with bicycles, lights and painting.
Gatherall Long View Image Gatherall Level 3 Image Kirr Servitor Image Zt Servitor Image
Jason Engle

Jason Engle
Jason has been creating art for the publishing and entertainment markets for the past 14 years and have been included in some of the most notable books of collected art in the world, both the Spectrum and Expose series, D'Artiste, and Fantasy Art Now. He also had his work featured in many magazines and publications all over the globe and on some of the most prominent science fiction and fantasy art online websites.

At a very young age, Jason knew that he wanted to be an artist. Born in southern California and raised on a ranch in Arizona until the he was 18. He never attended a major university or art academy of any kind, and has always found the best teacher in art to be experience itself.
Devil Image Late Arrival image Dreamfall Image The Skull of Tasceranarak Image
Michael Chaney

Mike Chaney
Mike Chaney has been a part of the game industries for more than 19 years. He first began his creative journey in 1994, illustrating the program for the Grand Masquerade, and he never looked back. Since then, he has illustrated for White Wolf Game Studio, West End Games, Holistic Design, Five Rings Publishing, Harper Prism, and many others.

In 2001, he joined White Wolf Game Studios' production department as both a graphic designer and in-house artist for their various d20 fantasy lines. Shortly thereafter, he assumed the art direction roles for those and other lines. He served as art director and senior designer for the fledgling board game division and produced some really fantastic products, including the Mwahahaha! Card/Board game whose look, backstory, and early design came from him. To date, it remains the bestselling board game that White Wolf ever produced.
Mwahahaha layout sample image Deadlands Layout Sample Supernaturals World of Warcraft Layout Sample
Michael Burns

Mike Burns
Michael is a professional Illustrator specializing in the fantasy, concept art, and children's book genres. He specializes in cuddly kids and critters as well as creepy creatures. His recent projects have included maps, a front cover and other illustrations.
3 Little Pigs Cover Book Cover Comic Book Art Fantasy