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Please take a few moments to browse the categories to the left. There, you will discover excellent examples of all we can do for you. If you have very specific needs that you wish to explore help with, just ask - no door is closed, and our network of talented people is boundless.

After all, we have Sean Patrick Fannon on the payroll, and he's probably the single most connected person in the gaming industry you'll ever meet! If we don't already have the exact person you require for someone, Sean can probably find them within the hour.

Every project we work on is unique, important, and approached with a high level of personal and professional service. We treat your product as a vital part of your success, and your success is our success.

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graphic design header image

Graphic Design represents all the bits and pieces of art that - sometimes subtly, other times boldly - grace a product in ways that truly make it stand out above the typical book or game. Many elements fall within this category; the four images seen to the right encompass the category in fairly full terms.

The Interface Zero cover has a graphic design with an inset illustration. The "Casefiles" are on a new iPad application that we skinned. The Maelstrom celestial map stands alone or could be a background image, and the sword and gauntlet could be compiled with text to create a logo or be turned into a button or other graphic element on a website. Please click on the thumbnail images to the right to view them in a larger size.
Interface Zero - Front cover graphic Deadlands Noir Casefiles design image Celestial Map graphic design image Frozen Skies Logo
graphic design header image

Good cover art will make your game book, novel, or other physical product shine. Our artists have experience creating for all genres from fantasy to noir, science fiction to cyberpunk, and everything between and beyond. Each of these sample images currently grace the covers of 4 very different products: Shaintar (epic high fantasy), Interface Zero (cinematic cyberpunk), Nova Praxis (dystopian transhuman sci-fi) and Noir Knights (pulp-era supernatural horror). Please click on the thumbnails on the right to view them in a larger size.
Shaintar: Legende Arise cover image Interface Zero Cover Image Nova Praxis cover image Noir Knights Cover Image
Illustration header image

Our illustrators have experience in virtually all areas of product art needs. Children's books. Novellas. RPG books. Card game images. Websites, and so much more. The images in this category highlight some of our best work. Please click on the thumbnails to the right to view them in a larger size.
Tank Graveyard Illustration Image Fey Adventurer Illustration Image Nathan Stone Illustration Image The Boss Illustration Image
Page Layout header image

In the highly subjective world of Layout, knowing (or feeling) where the images and graphic elements need to be placed, as well as how the text should flow, requires artistry and experience to get right. Our own Michael Chaney is one of the most highly sought after Page Layout artists in the industry, and he's only one of the extraordinary talents we have on staff with many years experience.
The Travelogue of Tavish Thorne Layout example The Great Below Layout Sample Suzerain Infographic Layout example Shanghai Vampocalypse Layout Example
Page design header image

Readers don't always know why they think one book is just that much better than another, and this is often due to the subtle, yet sublime art of Page Design. Before any text is laid out, or images placed, an artist creates the look for the page and all the elements. This includes headlines, tables, and sketch elements that end a page or fill out excess space. Click on the thumbnails to the right to a larger view of the page design for some of our clients.
Shaintar:Legends Unleashed page design image Halcyon Page Design image Classic Horror Page Design image Dungeonlands Page Design image
Logo header graphic image

Your logo is a vital part of your company's identity, often the first image that potential customers will see. This makes it a part of that all-important first impression. Blending creativity, message, and a sense of the company in one image takes strength and wit. We and our artists consult directly with you in order to understand what story you want your logo to convey. Feel free to contact us if you need a new logo. We also do updates and re-designs for current logos.
Deadlands Noir Casefiles Logo Brainradio Logo Image Untamed Empires Logo Image Frozen Skies Logo Image
Crowdfunding Support Graphic image

Crowdfunding might look relatively simple, but nothing could be further from the truth. Running a crowdfunder requires ability in writing, project management, marketing, graphic design, illustration, daily logistical management, post-crowdfunding delivery management... the list goes on. In some cases, a developer simply is not able to manage a product line and run a successful crowdfunder at the same time. In other cases, a developer may be extraordinarily talented, but they need someone to act as the face and the presenter to most effectively reach the potential target audience.

Concept art and other assets are vital to catching the eye and sparking interest in a new project, and Savage Mojo can provide all of those as part of a Crowdfunding Support package. Check out the samples to the right and see what we've already done for four successful Kickstarters.
Shaintar Crowdfunding Image Battle For Oz Crowdfunding Image
Shaintar Crowdfunding Image Dungeonlands Crowdfunding Image
Concept Art header image

Have a new product you want to pitch to your production manager? Get concept art created for you and bring your idea to life. Need an art image created for a new miniature to see if fans will like it before you create the mold? We can do that too. See your ideas and descriptions in visual representation.
Shaintar:Legends Arise Cover Athena Possesion Concept Image Ilyth Peng Concept Image Gatherall ConceptImage
Video Productions Header image

Video Production is a powerful way to debut a game or underscore a great crowdfunding effort. It can also serve to turn a simple project into a true trans-media event. Fantastic visuals matched with thematic music and effective voice-overs can be combined in a video to create your most powerful marketing tool. You take such a video and place it front-and-center on your website or product page, not to mention the immense social media utility such a thing serves. Click the thumbnails on the right to view our video samples.
Music header graphic image

In the increasingly trans-media world we operate within, music plays a vital role in creating the soundtrack to the experiences you wish to convey with your product. For example, many RPG Game Masters spend hours every week searching for the right music for their game.

What if the developer of a game produced music that went with it? Imagine the possibilities of an enhanced PDF product with music embedded to further convey the total experience of the product.

We have several composers who work with us who have enhanced game products by creating soundtracks to inspire a GM and his players. Click on the thumbnail to the right. When the box pops up, simply choose between the 30 second clip or the full length piece to experience the emotionally charged and compelling sample we've shared with you.

Please click on any of the four images on the right to hear a preview clip
Heroes Arrive Music Image Kuruntam Music Image Mystery Solved Music Image Xaos Music Image
3D Modeling
graphic design header image

Graphic Design covers many elements but the four images seen here encompass the category. The Interface Zero cover has a graphic design that has an illustration inset into it. The Casefiles is a new iPad application that we skinned. Maelstrom is a celestial map and the sword and gauntlet could be compiled with text to create a logo or be turned into a button or other graphic element in a website.
And more...
graphic design header image

Is there something missing that you really want help with? Do you have an idea that you're just not sure how to express or execute?

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