The Core Team

Savage Mojo is run more like a family business than people from the outside would think. We consider our entire staff of 100+ creatives to be the core of the business because without them, we could not create the beautiful art that graces the shelves of game stores world wide. That being said, we've chosen to highlight the three people who clients will interact with most: Loki, Gayle and Alida. Each of us has many years of experience working creatively in the RPG industry and we all bring different skills to the table to allow us to manage a collective of amazing artists and projects.
George "Loki" Williams - Promotions and Pathfinder RPG Development

Lokis Picture

A gamer since 1979, Loki cut his teeth on the legendary "White Box" and Metamorphosis Alpha. He has been an avid roller of dice ever since!

He has been the co-manager of, the Official Planescape Fansite, since 2004. During that time the site has won two Silver ENnie Awards ('05 and '07).

Since then he has produced Pathfinder rules and content for Kobold Press/Open Design, Adamant Entertainment, Savage Mojo, Jon Brazer Entertainment, and Heroic Journey Publishing. He is also the Founder and Admin of the first and largest Pathfinder RPG Community on Google+.

Outside of the gaming industry He has worked as an online communications consultant specializing in Web content, community management and social media. He has worked for clients including the Open Society Institute, The National Association of Broadcasters, The VCU Brand Center, and Kaiser Permanente among others. His work has been seen or written about in The New York Times, The BBC, Air America, and, among others.

Gayle Reick - Operations and Project Management

Gayle Reick Picture

Gayle oversees Operations here at Savage Mojo. Her job is to oversee the day-to-day operations and utilize project and personnel management skills to ensure that our projects complete on time while exceeding the clients' expectations.

Gayle has worked in the gaming industry (both tabletop and computer) off and on for nearly 20 years, proofreading and playtesting for such titles as Champions, Shaintar and Realms of Wonder. In the late 1990s, things came together and she started her own retail game store, All Ways Gaming .

Having worked on both the production and retail side of the industry, she brings a unique set of skills that allow her to manage talent and coordinate complex jobs so they complete smoothly and on time, while keeping communication open with the client at all times. This meant when Savage Mojo called to ask if she could head up the operations portion of the newly expanded company, she was happy to join such a great team.
Alida Saxon - Art Director

Ali's Picture

Art is a constant of Alida Saxon's life, but high school was also her first exposure to role playing games and it's incredible fuel to the imagination. Through friends in high school she learned about AD&D 2nd Edition, Gurps, Shadowrun, Vampire and more. She was hooked. Pouring through the pages of Dragon Magazine, she wanted to be just like those artists. Or an animator. Being a vet got ruled out pretty early - squeamish.

As it turned out she went into commercial art straight out of school. She'd been working as an assistant in her father's graphic arts studio since she was in her teens. Back when ads were still pieced together on board to be photographed and computers weren't yet in ever office, nevermind everyone's homes. Fantasy art remained a pursuit of her free time.

If you would have told Alida's younger self that she would work with talents from all over the world on a daily basis, creating visions of many worlds, she would have called it science fiction. Oh, and awesome.

Check out her work in our shop, and you can also find a selection of her other work at